Thursday, December 22, 2011


Remember some days back, I wrote about this wedding happening soon?
I have made a point to upload some of  the pictures here, as i have said  earlier that i would somehow :D
The pictures maybe disappointing for there are no much pictures.The ones  i have taken are i don't know what myself o.O
I missed all the ceremonial pictures.BLOODY ME !
Again I do not blame myself :P
Bride's maid after all.Been working for a whole week and i don't know which stupid pig had my camera while it was happening.So,while it was with me-
                                                         Look for yourself  ^^

Thursday, November 24, 2011

One of my cousins is getting married next month and i must say,everybody in the house including myself,are very busy doing ones' own given work-like shopping ! :D yes ! shopping. Ha ha .shopping is the only best work(forget the other works Zz) that I have been doing lately :P..Yea.I consider it a work, of course you will have a hectic time finding the prettiest stuffs,you will have to go to too many stores in order to get some fine things for yourself even when you're a lot tired :P.Well,I will show you all the stuffs that I have bought in coming weeks.
I have been shopping for this whole three days and I am still looking forward to shop more ^^ more like me being the bride :P..and oh,coming to think about the bride and her maid next month,Who gets to be the bride's maid? Let me ask again,who gets to? YEA YES ! :D Wooo - hoo !!! Me Me Me :D I am super duper excited and at the same time quite very nervous for it is my first time.
And by next month,I shall be uploading them wedding pictures B)
For now,.I am off to a nearby store with family.Good day !

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hectic !

Tired..Yet working real hard on the looks.
Yes,I know.I look pale and weak -.-
I have this problem but it is nothing to worry about.Lets say, it isn't a disease luckily.
It's a Jaw joint dysfunction and that happens when my muscles,ligaments and bones stop working together.It also causes a painful condition.I cannot eat or even drink properly while its happening and it just happened recently.So,i look a little pale and weak.I have been stifling my yawns and eating soft foods that does not need too much chewing.I have also been doing exercises regarding.
Do any of you all know about this dysfunction? o.O Can anyone of you give me an advice on what else to do?
 If you happen to know about stuffs,SHARE !

OK..Forgetting all that.Here it is for now.

                                                                        Boyfriend Attire

                                                                   My black Ugg ! (avoid the dirt,Nepal you see :P )
Ugg shoes are appearing everywhere you go.Women of all ages wear them.The shoe has become wildly well known world wide :D


                                                          Boy-friend Attire again.Again because I miss him being around :P


Saturday, October 8, 2011

I dont know.

Hi Hellow Hey Hi !!!
So,I had my weekend full planned.Everything went according to it except for the  pictures.Yes I was planing to take pictures with my friends for my facebook album as well for this blog but then i had so much of fun that  I completely forgot about it.I know..Me is very very Bad. :P whatever it is..So,i decided to do it this  morning,nowhere else but -Home Sweet Home :) 
Its only pictures today ,people :D Very less although :(

Off Shoulder be one of my favourite, for life long !

Too many cases on hatred.Heels from charles and Keith,My elder sister hates it.

Tsepela's like"Do you want to play Hide and Seek?"

Peace is not something that you wish for,it is something you make,something you do,something you are and something you give away-Robert  Fulghum. ^^

See i told you..It is something that you are.

Running out of pictures at the moment.So yea,Ugly ones are here too.

Something I hate to do uptill today,standing at ease and how can I forget the "attention".?
Big time sucker.!!

This one is for you,Kingu! Haha I know just how much you love this boat..not!

And by the way..My baby sister is 6 now.

Tsepela Before :) 

Happy Birthday Tsepela.Family loves you the most!

Good Life Readers !!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday and my denim.

The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend.
                                Likewise,I started this weekend with my brothers and friends ofcourse.For my boyfriend,he is in the U.S. :( ..Keeping that aside,My weekend went superb! I was out with one of my best friends,Tashi Dolma.We did lunch at korean Kitchen.

    Tell me,who does not crave for korean food ? :D we all do,don't we?especially kimbab!
yes we ate alot of that and then we finally left for Buddha Bar.

                                                               And oh this is Tashi Dolma.
Photogenic,isn't she?I know right.i took this one at Buddha.Not to forget,the cap she is wearing belongs to my younger brother.He was with his friends.All his friends are like my brothers,as in family friends,So yea..we're quite close with one another.

                          This is one of my favourite denim.I bought this a year back from the store "Taxxi".Although my younger sister loves anything that has studs on it but i do not know what is making her hate this one.

Anyway,the heel you see up there is from sphinx,Citycenter.leave the rest because i don't remember :P
                                             Sonam Dolkar.

                                             ^^ Tada^^

Ignore the sunburn on my hands.So obvious because i ride a scooter.
                         More weekends to come!! See you soon 

                                        My lil cousin says- PEACE ! :)